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WE REFUSE to risk our lives by not protecting ourselves.


BWHI Launches The New Network, The New Normal on World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day. For over 30 years, BWHI has lived this year’s theme, the Right to Health, in its mission and its vision for the health and wellness of Black women. Today we are elated to announce the launch of The New Network, The New Normal, a national strategy to improve sexual health

Supporting A Loved One With HIV: 7 Things Not To Say

You’re a great friend. You’re ready and willing to help your loved ones work through anything that has come their way. You are prepared to always be there for them. But then, something comes along that you’re not prepared for: Your loved one has HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). It’s a serious diagnosis. You wish you

5 Safe-Sex Promises To Make To Yourself To Lower Your HIV Risk

You probably already know that unsafe sex is a major risk factor for getting HIV. But for some women, there’s that disconnect between what you know … and what you do. We tend to think, “I’m not crazy. I wouldn’t sleep with someone who’d give me a disease.” And unfortunately, that’s how “surprises” happen. In