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Affordable Health Care

WE REFUSE to go into debt paying for health care.

Women’s Health Advocates Applaud USPSTF Decision To Retain Co-Testing in Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines

Co-testing (a combined Pap and HPV test) has been shown to be the most effective screening strategy for early disease detection. WASHINGTON – Today, leading women’s health care organizations expressed support for the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) decision to retain co-testing (a combined Pap and HPV test) in its final cervical cancer

What Single Women Need to Know About the Affordable Care Act

If you are single, make sure you look at what being enrolled in ACA coverage for 2019 can mean to you. You have until December 15, 2018 to enroll for next year. BWHI has heard from many women who think they can’t afford the premiums, but it is worth investigating the options. There are many

What Is Coinsurance? 9 Mysteries Of Health Insurance—Solved

You’ve heard the words before: Copayment. Deductible. Premium. A thousand others. You sort of get what they mean … and you sort of don’t. But you do know that if you get one more medical bill—despite having insurance—you’re going to scream. Trying to understand health insurance can be like diving into quicksand: No matter what

What Health Care Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act Means to You

If you are thinking about enrolling for coverage from November 1-December 15, 2018 (and you should be if you don’t currently have coverage) here’s what you need to know. Doctor’s visits—Outpatient care you get without being admitted to a hospital such as a doctor’s visit for the flu; Trips to the emergency room—the average cost

The Deadline to Enroll In the ACA is December 15

There is just one week left of Open Enrollment for health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Enrollment closes December 15, 2018. Getting enrolled and maintaining coverage has been significant for the health and wellness for Black women since the beginning of ACA. Before ACA, so many women of color, including those who

Surprise Medical Bills: 5 Paths To Preventing These Headaches

You’ve been here before. Standing at the mailbox, holding a doctor’s bill that’s triple the cost you were expecting. You can almost hear your wallet sobbing. How does this happen? Don’t blame yourself. Medical billing is so complex that people literally have to go to school to understand it. And even the specialists can get

Prescription Costs Are High, But Your Wallet Is Dry … Now What?

You’ve just been prescribed a new drug. You go to pick it up at the pharmacy. No sweat. Until you look at the register: $765.42 for one month of pills? Seriously? You’re not alone. Prescription drug costs are sky-high, and they don’t appear to be falling anytime soon. And with or without insurance, Americans are

It Might Not Be Too Late to Get 2018 Health Care Coverage.

At BWHI we understand the importance of being able to seek health care when you need it. We also know the impact of the threats to women’s health that can happen when coverage is at risk. And although the open enrollment period for 2018 coverage is over, you still have an opportunity to enroll or

Help With Medical Bills: 5 Ways To Put That Debt Behind You

Got medical bills? You’re not alone. One in five Americans ages 18 to 64 say that they, or someone in their household, has had problems paying medical debt in the past year. That’s not exactly surprising. Medical bills can run thousands of dollars, even with insurance. But if you need help with medical bills, there

Finding The Right Medical Team For Your Needs—Without Going Broke

You know the drill. Find a doctor you think you’ll love, call her office, then find out she’s not in your insurance network. Or make a date with a dentist (which was hard enough to do), get your teeth fixed, and then get handed a bill that looks a lot like your car payment. It

BWHI Opposes Disastrous Senate Tax Bill

WASHINGTON, DC (December 2, 2017) Today, the U.S. Senate voted 51 to 49 to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The bill was approved by the Senate Finance Committee earlier this week and voted on early this morning by the Senate after hours of formal debate and last-minute changes. Notably, the bill includes a

Black Women Vote: The 2018 National Health Policy Agenda

Overview The health crisis faced by Black women and girls has spiraled in the wrong direction. Now is the time for policymakers, health care providers, and community-based organizations to pay close attention to the adverse effects of disparate funding, unhealthy conditions and social attitudes about the well-being of Black women. This executive summary outlines the Black

About Your Health Care Plan: The Essential Benefits You Should Use

A health care plan can seem like a hot mess. It’s so long and complex, you’d almost need a law degree to understand them. Still, there are little gold nuggets hidden inside that you should know about. You’ve probably heard about essential health benefits (EHBs). Under the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a Obamacare, certain health care